Biggest Recruiting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Biggest Recruiting Mistakes Companies Make 1. Not Having a Good Job Posting Your job post should fit the “Goldilocks” standard – not too short, not too long, but just right! A job post that is too short or too vague will give you an influx of candidates that do not fit the requirements you are […]

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Try These Interview Questions to Gauge Soft Skills in Your Candidates

How do you know if an interview candidate has the proper skills of communication, decision-making, collaboration, teamwork, time management, and creativity required for the job? These qualities are classified as something known as soft skills. Soft skills are personality and workplace traits of employees that are not easily quantified on a resume but are important […]

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Why the Candidate Experience Matters

Understanding the Candidate Experience Unemployment continues to hold at record lows with a current rate of 3.7 percent. With an ever-tightening candidate pool, the candidate experience is an area you can’t overlook. To attract top talent and decrease the time it takes to fill open positions, attention to detail is everything. Discover why the candidate […]

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