How do you know if an interview candidate has the proper skills of communication, decision-making, collaboration, teamwork, time management, and creativity required for the job? These qualities are classified as something known as soft skills. Soft skills are personality and workplace traits of employees that are not easily quantified on a resume but are important to develop a strong and positive atmosphere which will lower staff turnover rates and increase productivity. For example, if you are hiring a remote employee, good communication skills are extremely important to complete tasks and progress through the company workflow. A recent study in the U.S. by Career Builder, found that 93% of employers see soft skills as equally important, or even more important than technical skills.

Top 5 Soft Skills & Interview Questions Tailored to Them:

1. Communication

Good communication skills include the ability to translate a message both verbally and through writing. Employees need to be able to communicate the status of a project or where they left off on something so a coworker can finish the task.

  • Use up to 5 sentences to sell me this pencil.
  • Explain to your grandmother what you do for a living.

2. Teamwork

The ability to work well with others is vital in a group setting or office. No one person can do everything, so the team as a whole must be able to communicate and collaborate in order to reach the end goal.

  • Which one do you prefer and why: teamwork or working alone?
  • Your teammates are all in agreement on how to approach a task, but you disagree. How do you react?

3. Leadership

Leadership skills are important for everyone on the team, regardless of their position in the company. Everyone will be the leader of a group at some point in time, whether that be in a group project amongst coworkers or in a management position over their subordinates.

  • You know your manager is 100% wrong about something. What do you do?
  • What do you expect from a manager?

4. Time Management

It seems we have 80 hours of work to do in one week and only 40 hours to get it all done. The ability to prioritize what really needs to be done first and be able to work without distractions to get it done is very important.

  • Which one better describes you: “Done is better than perfect” or “Everything has to look perfect”?
  • Tell me about a time when you’ve struggled to meet deadlines. What did you do?

5. Work Ethic

Employees that have a strong work ethic have the ability to focus on a task and get it done beyond expectations and in a timely manner. People that have this workplace trait are independently motivated to complete tasks and take pride in their work.

  • Do you tend to work overtime?
  • You get your work done sooner than expected. Do you allow yourself a free afternoon or are you going to ask for more tasks?

If you need help understanding how to interview for soft skills, contact us at Charles Foster. Our goal is to find the best candidates for you to build your team and grow your company. We know that good employees are the foundation of any successful business. We want to help your business become the best that it can be.