Biggest Recruiting Mistakes Companies Make

1. Not Having a Good Job Posting

Your job post should fit the “Goldilocks” standard – not too short, not too long, but just right! A job post that is too short or too vague will give you an influx of candidates that do not fit the requirements you are looking for because you did not specify them. A job post that is too long will not attract any candidates because a lot of people are looking at job postings on their mobile devices and will not read a long description.

Once you have a qualified and interested candidate, you can present them with the job description, which should be long and detailed. Job postings should be concise, interesting, and motivate the right candidate to apply. Another good tip to remember when creating your job post is to make the name of the position or title of the post something that candidates will be searching for. Stay away from industry-specific jargon that candidates won’t know to be looking for.

2. Having Unrealistic Requirements for Candidates

Does the position you are hiring for really require an MBA or even a college degree? If yes, make sure that is clearly stated in the job post. If not, you may be alienating yourself from good candidates that will automatically not apply because they think they are not fully qualified for the job. Take the time to really think about what is absolutely necessary for a new hire and what qualifications you can mark as “Preferred” rather than “Required.”

3. Skipping the Phone Interview

Rather than scheduling an in-person interview that takes an hour or more out of your day, schedule a quick phone interview with a candidate you are interested in. During this interview you will be able to find out first and foremost if the candidate is still available and interested, which will help save you valuable time during the interview process. A phone interview can also help to filter out candidates that are not a good fit right off the bat. You can evaluate their communication skills, find out what hours they are available and learn about any certifications they have. From this information, you can determine whether or not you would like to continue through the interview process with this candidate.

4. Forgetting the Job Candidates are Customers Too

The people that you are interviewing are just like customers or clients looking to work with your company. When a candidate is not treated with the same respect as a potential customer, they lose interest in the company and your reputation as a company and employer fades.

It is important to remember that not only are you selling the potential candidate on a salary and a job, but on growth opportunities, the company and the culture as well.

Why a Recruiting Agency is Worth It

The search for a good, qualified employee is no easy task. A recruiting agency, like Charles Foster, can take this process out of your hands and present you with interested candidates that fit your requirements. We will sell your company to a potential candidate as strongly as we will sell the candidate to you to create the perfect match.

According to LinkedIn Talent Solutions, only 12% of the fully-employed workforce are actively looking for their next job, but 85% is open to learning about new opportunities. While you may not have the time in your day to reach out to passive candidates, agency recruiters do. We can research your competitors and the job marketplace to find people in similar positions that may not be satisfied where they are and are looking to change jobs. If we can sell them on the culture and community of your company, they will be happier at work and you will have an experienced new hire.