New Year, New Staffing Trends

The new year is in full swing and with it comes challenges and opportunities. We are still facing a tight labor pool creating talent shortages. This is a candidate’s market, creating more pressure than ever for businesses to stand out and innovate. Here are the biggest recruiting and staffing trends for 2019

Employer Branding

The next major staffing trend is employer branding. Your employer brand is the overall perception of your organization in the market. From online reviews on job sites to employee perception, your employer brand encompasses how your organization is viewed in the marketplace.

To draw in strong candidates, you need to create a strong employer brand. Begin with the sources you can control such as your website and profiles on job sites and social media. Then, read reviews and survey your employees to gather insight into your strengths and weaknesses. Use that insight to strengthen your brand from the inside out.

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Candidate Experience

The candidate experience applies to past and current candidates. It involves what job seekers experience as they go through the application process. A poor candidate experience means you lose qualified candidates and eventually prevent top talent from even applying. When applicants have a negative experience, they are very likely to leave a review, causing future job seekers to forego the application process.

To create a strong candidate experience, try completing your application process yourself. Read reviews and listen to feedback then implement changes. Keep your application succinct and relevant, with a simple process. To keep the onslaught of unqualified or less serious candidates down, ask questions in the beginning of the process that will weed out the wrong applicants from the right ones.

Social Recruiting

Social recruiting is a big staffing trend for 2019. The use of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find and apply to jobs has grown in recent years. In fact, 48% of candidates used social media in the search for their most recent job. Over 80% of candidates are active on social media pages, making these platforms prime ground for recruiting.

Not only are candidates finding and applying to jobs found on social platforms, they are using these sites to research employers. Over half of job applicants research companies they are interested in on social media platforms. This trend is projected to get stronger, making it all the more important that you are on these sites and you optimize them as well.

Recruiting and Staffing Partners

A recruiting and staffing trend that is not likely to go away is the importance of partnering with a quality staffing firm. Charles Foster understands the trends and movements in the job market, and with 50 years of experience, we know what it takes to draw in top talent. No matter the changes in trends, technology, and job market, Charles Foster consistently provides results for our clients.