Workplace diversity includes more than having a team of people of different races and ethnicities. Employees in an inclusive workplace setting should be individuals with varying genders, ethnicities, levels of education, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientations, privileges, ages, religions, political views, cultures, and even work styles.

Diversity Matters

There is something to be said about a company whose employees come from widely different backgrounds and have differing worldviews. A recent survey by McKinsey and Company, found that companies who had a diverse workforce were 35% more likely to have financial returns above industry medians. It has always been said that “opposites attract” and this stands true in the workplace. People that are different from one another tend to work better together and are more productive.

How to Be More Intentional with Diversity

The first step to increasing diversity in your organization is to have the management team create diversity goals, which will put in writing what kind of atmosphere they would like to create for their current and future employees.

In terms of hiring for diversity, be sure to check out organizations in your community that are specifically designed to bring hiring managers to underrepresented people groups. The American Association for Access, Equity, and Diversity is a great place to start. This organization is for professionals and HR to find diversified employees that fit their businesses. This can be a great resource to reach people that may not have ever found your company through organic job search.

Whenever possible, make a conscious effort to assign employees to work on teams together that are from different departments or those who would not normally have the opportunity to work together. This allows employees to gain a new perspective and learn about different aspects of the company outside of what they do every day. Every employee in your company is committed to the same goal of serving clients, bettering the community, or growing the company, whatever is applicable to your organization.

You need a diverse team, but you also need people that have the personality traits, education, and qualifications that fit your company. At Charles Foster, we listen to your hiring needs and connect you with the best candidates to build your team and your business. If you need help reaching a diverse range of potential hires, please contact us.