Did you know, the much-anticipated Great American Total Solar Eclipse occurring on August 21st, will only take two minutes and forty seconds? Charleston, among other major cities in the path of totality, have been preparing for this once in a lifetime event for months, even years, and it will be over in less time than it takes to brew your morning coffee.

Also interesting, the average employer takes about 52 days to fill an opening with their company. Candidates now have more options than ever before which allows them to be more selective about the position and company they choose to work for. Most people are looking for that once in a lifetime career. Furthermore, advancements in job hunting has made finding jobs and applying for jobs much easier. When candidates finally do apply for your company’s opening, you are then flooded with resumes to review and interviews to schedule. Staring at your computer screen going through dozens of resumes can make you go blind, kind of like staring directly in to the sun. Weeks later, after finding the right candidate, you are then tasked with endless administrative work, background and drug screens to get them onboarded. Hopefully, they stay.

You are probably going to wear safety glasses for the eclipse to protect your eyes, right? Why not safeguard your hiring process against the possibility of getting burned by a bad hire? This is where a staffing and recruiting company can come to your hiring rescue! Besides saving you time and money, staffing companies can take away the time-consuming burden an employer faces having to recruit, screen, and hire top talent. They can handle these tasks with efficiency and proficiency, leaving you time to focus on other important aspects of your job.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using a staffing company:

  • They use active and passive ways to recruit people into their talent pool. This helps to increase the quality of new hires.
  • They take responsibility for meeting all your position qualifications with their selected candidates. When a candidate is chosen for a temporary or temp-to-hire position, you can train them to your needs and decide whether, in the long run, you’d like to offer the candidate a permanent position.
  • There are a lot of legal responsibilities involved with being an employer, like covering certain taxes, providing insurance coverage and following labor laws. A staffing company can assume many of these liabilities for you.
  • They know how to find candidates that are the right fit, both in terms of skills and culture, so their chances of having a candidate leave a new position is typically very low.
  • The best staffing companies work with fewer, high-quality candidates and manage the entire process from the beginning to the end. Due to this precise vetting in choosing the candidates, they only need to present a handful of candidates for a placement for one to get hired.

The next total solar eclipse to be visible in the U.S. will be in 2024. Although we don’t think it will take quite that long to find you next hire, why chance it?

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