We’ve entered a new age of business. The pandemic has created an increasing reliance on remote work arrangements, leaving many of us to make shifts and adjustments to our teams. While these changes have impacted every area of our businesses, staffing has been impacted more than most. How do you handle staging in the age of remote work? How do you know what you need? Follow these simple steps to get a handle on this new dynamic for your business.

Review Your Progress So Far

We’ve been in this new environment for months and, with increasing surges across the country, will likely be in it for some time to come. It’s important to honestly look at your workflow and determine what worked and what didn’t. Knowing what’s worked and what hasn’t will help you know what you need moving forward.

Align Positions with New Responsibilities

Once you know what your workflow looks like you’ll be able to determine the positions you need and what responsibilities they consist of. Now is the time to formalize this and write it down. When working in a remote organization, it’s important to codify what positions do what and what they need to be successful. Don’t forget to review them as time passes and needs change.

Seek Expert Help

Sometimes you can be too close to a problem to effectively see its solution. This happens to all of us. Often the best decision, in this case, is to seek an outside expert to help you determine what you need and how to get it. This is where expert staffing companies, like Charles Foster, can help you get the edge you need.

How Charles Foster Can Help YOU

If you are an employer looking to fill positions in your company, an employee looking to switch jobs, or someone looking for a brand-new role, please feel free to reach out to us. Our highly skilled team has placed thousands of qualified candidates with excellent jobs over the last 50 years. From finding the right one to being the right one – Charles Foster is here to help.