It’s February, and that means love is in the air and on the mind of everyone. Maybe that means your spouse or significant other, but we think there’s someone you business owners might be forgetting. Maybe it’s time to show your employees some love. But how do you go about handling employee recognition programs effectively? We have a few ideas.

Be Employee Focused

Have you ever, in your career, received some kind of appreciation that really didn’t mean much to you? Maybe it was a gift card for something you can’t eat. Or a round of golf when you don’t play. The key to employee recognition programs is to make sure you are doing things they will appreciate. Even something as small as a handwritten note seems like you took the time and effort to say thank you. Remember, your thanks don’t ring as loudly if you just throw something random to an employee and walk out the door.

Be Consistent

Nothing is worse than an employee recognition program that lasts one month and then fades away. While the intentions of these programs are always noble, the end message is that the appreciation isn’t as much as it should be. Employees feel let down and the gesture feels more like a token than actual appreciation. If you are going to have an employee recognition program, it’s important that you are consistent with its execution. Make submissions, awards, and promotion all consistent and encourage that participation. Your employees will definitely notice.

Be Loud

Perhaps the most important part of showing appreciation for your employees is to make sure it is public and seen by everyone. While quiet appreciation can be effective, and is certainly easier to do as a day-to-day practice, larger appreciation programs need to be louder. Why? Two reasons. First, it lets the selected employees know that not only do you appreciate them, but you think they deserve public recognition for their efforts. Second, it gives your other employees something to aspire to as well as identifying potential junior mentors for them. So if you’re going to appreciate them, be loud!

How Charles Foster Can Help YOU

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