Lifelong learning, personal development, skill-building, whatever you call it, we constantly hear how important this part of our lives is. If you study the most successful people in any field, you find that all of them take time for personal development. It’s central to growth, to become better in any field, and to get the life and career we want.  The truth is that personal development is the key to it all.

Hones Your Skills

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of personal development as you move down the path of your career is that it hones your skills. From project management to leadership, information technology to language skills, your personal development path can lead to many new, and sharpened skills. It’s often said that the moment we stop learning, we start dying, and this is applicable to all of your skills. The world is dynamic and constantly changing, so you should be too.

Improves Effectiveness

Personal development makes you more effective in the workplace. Not only does it hone skills, talents, and abilities, but it also forces you to make time for it. The habits surrounding your personal development practice will become powerful additions to your time and project management skills, as well as reading comprehension, meaning that books on best accounting practices taught you a lot more than just balancing the books.

Lets You Shine

Nothing says motivated, dedicated, and driven to be the best like someone passionately pursuing their own development. Taking the time to develop yourself will give you a lot of credibility with potential managers and employers. How much more desirable do you think you are when you make a personal investment in bettering yourself professionally and personally? 


Personal development is all about choices. There is no better way to clarify your vision than to truly sit down and craft your personal development plan. What do you want to learn? Why do you want to learn it? Is management in your future? Leadership? Your entire career path can be seen from your personal development, the two go completely hand in hand. So next time you’re uncertain about where you’re going, look at what skills you’re developing, that will point the way.

How Charles Foster Can Help YOU

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