Remote work certainly seems to be here to stay. With the savings on office expenses and other associated benefits, the professional landscape has many companies moving from traditional office environments to remote work situations. Changes like this are full of additional challenges though. One such challenge is how, as a business leader, you lead your remote team or organization. Leading your remote team is incredibly important, and these three tips should help you face the challenge.


Communication is Critical

One of the things you take for granted in a traditional office setting is the ease of communication. It doesn’t take very much effort to swing by a desk and chat for a moment. You see people and interact with them regularly. When you’re remote, the situation is very different. It’s vital that leaders of remote teams actively communicate with their teams not only at the beginning of the day but throughout the day as well. Remember, this isn’t about nagging, it’s about creating effective two-way communication for your organization.


Establish and Hold Clear Standards

Standards often fall when leading your remote team. Mostly because we have so many things we’re concerned about that we take them for granted. This is another important piece for organizational leadership to handle. Take the time to clearly establish and communicate the expected standards for the team. Then make sure everyone is held accountable for them, including yourself. When those standards are clear and we hold people accountable, it will help things run much more smoothly.


Remember to Invest in Talent

Investing in talent can mean a number of different things. You definitely need to make sure your team has the right members on it in terms of staff, and that you’ve hired people with the right skills. But it’s also important to celebrate the success of your team members and help them develop. Remote work can be difficult on them as well, so put the time in to help them be the best and you will find it yields great rewards.


How Charles Foster Can Help YOU

If you are an employer looking to fill positions in your company, an employee looking to switch jobs, or someone looking for a brand-new role, please feel free to reach out to us. Our highly skilled team has placed thousands of qualified candidates with excellent jobs over the last 50 years. From finding the right one to being the right one – Charles Foster is here to help.