Culture is one of those organizational concepts that often seems like magic to people when they discuss it. But your workplace culture actually forms the basis for how your employees will act and work. So how do you go about creating workplace culture? Well, it’s actually not as difficult as you might think. Consider these tips.

Build it From Your Values

Most organizations have some form of core values. These are usually crafted at the same time as your mission and vision statements. These values should be more than just words; they should be the values that you built your organization from. Any culture you’re seeking to build needs to be rooted in these values.

Provide Room For Growth

We often talk about wanting development or innovation in our organizations, but are you really creating a place to foster those ideas? If you are, then consider this. Do you have room for those attitudes to grow as your organization does? When a company is smaller, it tends to be able to perform a certain way. As it grows, the old way won’t work as well anymore. This isn’t any different for culture. You need to have room to grow. If small group dynamics and hanging out were part of that, then remember it and adapt it to small teams instead of the whole company.

Create Value

We tend to think of value as what we provide for our customers, but that’s not the only group we need to create value for. Our employees need to not only feel valued, but they also need to see the value of working for you. Your culture is a part of this. If you have a culture that doesn’t value them, they will leave. If your company offers them nothing, they will also leave. You need to find balance and creating meaningful culture can help with this.

How Charles Foster Can Help YOU

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