Have you ever set a goal? Sure, we all have. How did you measure it? One of the major reasons that we fail in achieving our goals is we don’t know how to track and measure success. We know the larger component of what we seek to achieve, but we don’t know how to track what we’re aiming to accomplish. It’s not just a matter of doing things by the numbers. It’s also a question of what numbers we’re using and how we have broken them down. Because we want you to be your very best, here are some tips on how to track goals more effectively.

What Do You Track?

When you’re setting a goal, it’s important to know what the best measure of success is. Consider this example. You’re taking a certification exam and the study material is broken up into modules and practice tests. Should you track the number of hours you study? Or is the completion of modules and practice test scores and better metrics? Honestly, the latter is the better metric to track success, but hours studied seems like a no brainer. Take a moment and make sure you’re tracking the best metric.

Break it Down

Now that you know what you’re tracking, identify the time you want the goal completed. Knowing the overall time frame for your goals allows you to break down the steps needed into more manageable segments. This means you know exactly what you have to do in a given month, week, or day instead of swinging for a big number with lots of space to get lazy.

Set Benchmarks

Celebrations are important, especially for long-term goals. Take some time to identify benchmarks in your journey that you can be happy you hit. Using our previous example, maybe it’s the completion of a module or scoring above a certain percentage on practice tests. Whatever it is, write it down and make sure you celebrate it. You’ve earned it after all.

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