How do you go about evaluating a quarter? These evaluations can be vital to a business owner, but also can be very confusing. Still, you can’t afford to not have a good quarterly understanding of a team member’s performance. We’ve been involved in a lot of placement of team members over the years and that experience has taught us a thing or two. So here is a quick guide to quarterly evaluation.

Know the Numbers

Knowing the metrics by which you evaluate a team member is vital, but so is actually having their numbers and an understanding of them as well. When evaluating a team member’s quarterly performance you need to take the time to gather all of the relevant data. Before meeting with them, look at the numbers and make your observations of them. If you have some doubts, check you observations with other managers who can help determine what the best analysis is.

Understand the Circumstances

The world isn’t a static place. Things happen with our organizations and in the lives of the people on our team. Take a moment and identify what has been happening in the last quarter. It may very well explain any deviations in the numbers and will prevent you from making an embarrassing mistake in your analysis. Remember, we are all only human and deserve some compassion.

Touch Base

Once you’ve taken a look at the numbers, take some time with the person. Meeting with your team member will help you better understand their needs and development, as well as involving them in the evaluation process. This kind of involvement will help them better understand what you are looking for and make them feel more a part of the team. As an additional tip, consider setting the meeting over lunch or a walk where things can be more relaxed and leave them better able to absorb feedback.

Adjust Accordingly

With a full knowledge of the numbers and their circumstances, the time has come to make adjustments as needed. If they need to be challenged because they are exceeding expectations, go ahead and set their bar higher. If they need some more help, make sure that is available. Adjustment is the key to growth.

How Charles Foster Can Help YOU

If you are an employer looking to fill positions in your company, an employee looking to switch jobs, or someone looking for a brand-new role, please feel free to reach out to us. Our highly skilled team has placed thousands of qualified candidates with excellent jobs over the last 50 years. From finding the right one to being the right one – Charles Foster is here to help.