Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a New Career 

There are many questions to consider when you’re thinking about changing your career. Ask yourself what hobbies you enjoy and what your values are. This is an important factor because considering your personality can lead to finding a fulfilling career path. Dive in deeper and ask yourself what your personality traits are such as whether you are a leader or a follower, do you prefer to work alone or in a group, and whether you are cooperative or competitive. More things to consider are if you enjoy helping others and empowering them, are you are a thinker or a doer, and if are you a creative thinker or critical thinker. Ask yourself what your skills, talents, and strengths are. Think about what you are good at and have to offer to the career field you are considering. Ask yourself these questions and consider your answers to lead you to the following factors to consider. 

Factors to consider when choosing a career path

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Many factors should be considered when choosing a new career path. Your passions, interests, desired salary, educational requirements, desired work/life balance, travel requirements, and opportunities for growth and development. Consider taking a career test to get an idea of what job may be perfect for you!

The activities you enjoy in your free time can give you insight into a career that will be satisfying and fulfilling for you. Consider what hobbies you enjoy, if you prefer spending time outside or inside, and if you would prefer to work with animals or people. Based on your interests consider several potential career opportunities. Look further into those career paths you are interested in and start narrowing it down by diving deeper. Look into what your desired salary would be concerning your research of salaries in career fields. Another factor to look into is the educational requirements of the career fields you’re looking into. A big factor to look into is what you desire your work life and personal life to look like. Consider what your desired work/life balance is, the travel requirements of the job, and the opportunities for growth and development. 

What is the availability and competition in the job market for that field? 

Things to consider when changing your career field is what that availability in the field looks like compared to the competition. You don’t want to change career fields to a job that isn’t currently hiring or even has a lot of open positions. Before you make a final decision take a look at hiring websites like Indeed to see what positions are open and how many people are applying for them. 


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