There are many things you should have in your mind when you are job hunting and submitting your resume and/or application to companies. Whether you are looking due to not liking your current job, relocating, changing careers, or any other reason you are in the market for a new position learn about what you should be looking for during your job search. 

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Benefits and Hours 

Benefits are extremely important as well as extremely competitive in today’s job market. They are what is offered by the employer that includes insurance options, 401k options, PTO, sick time, bonuses, etc. Start with figuring out what benefits are most important to you and what you want from a future employer. 

How they communicate with you during the hiring process 

Start paying attention at the start of the job posting. Consider how they communicate in their job posting. Think about how it is written, how descriptive it is, if it is informative, etc. Analyzing the job posting can give you an idea of the communication culture and how descriptive or non-descriptive instructions or information may be given in the future. If they email you to schedule an interview, analyze that as well. If they call you to schedule an interview pay close attention to who you’re talking to and how they communicate. Once you go in for an interview pay attention to how the interviewer communicates. Determine if they are effective communicators or not. Communication is important in a working environment, so ensuring your perspective employment can communicate effectively is important. 

The Company’s Values, Vision, and Culture 

Researching a perspectives employer’s values is important to ensure they align with yours. Working for a company takes a good chunk of time daily and weekly, so making sure your values and the company’s values are important so you can be not only successful but happy at your workplace.  Culture is important in the workplace. Figure out what type of culture fits you best and align that with the culture of a prospective employer. Having a sense of belonging or believing strongly in something a prospective employer also believes in and finding somewhere that aligns with your values, vision, and what you want in workplace culture will be helpful to ensure you’re happy with your work and employer. 

The learning opportunities that they offer 

Learning and growth are important for anyone’s career. It is also important for our brains to continuously exercise and learn new things. Learning as much as possible is key to the development of your career. In addition to learning opportunities, growth is also important for anyone’s career development. The opportunity for growth also gives the motivation to learn. If learning and growth are important to you, make sure any potential employers have that ability. 

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