Work Life Balance is Crucial

Help your employees find work life balance with these tips. By showing your employees that family and personal life are important, you will gain more loyal employees – saving you time and resources down the line.

Be Flexible with Schedules

Offering flexibility with your employees’ schedules will go a long way toward increasing job satisfaction. The stress from events happening outside of work can cause a downward shift in an employee’s productivity. Factors outside of work such as child care, aging parents with health issues, and other major life events, can bring on unexpected priorities that interfere with normal work hours.

Allowing your employees to telecommute or alter their schedules during these major life events will help relieve the stress of juggling work and life while strengthening their loyalty to your business. Overall, by remaining flexible and working with your employee, you will increase productivity.

Gym and Exercise Options

Making it easier for employees to get to the gym, whether by contributing to a membership or providing a gym onsite, will help your employees not only save time but be healthier. It’s no secret healthier employees are more productive. They also take less time off for health reasons.

Encourage Vacation Time

Create an atmosphere that encourages your employees to take their yearly allotted vacation time. Vacation is good for your health and has a proven positive impact on productivity. Watch your actions and making sure you’re not unknowingly punishing your employees for taking vacation. For example, do you expect employees to check and answer email while on vacation? Do you award employees who don’t take vacation with more or better opportunities? When you take vacation, do you continue to work? The example you set is seen by your employees and they will take note.

Help with Childcare

Going hand-in-hand with providing schedule flexibility, helping with the burden of childcare is a great way to help your employees find work-life balance. If you can, providing childcare services onsite is the best option. With reliable, quality childcare within the vicinity of the workplace, you save your employees commuting time and alleviate stress.

If onsite childcare isn’t an option, consider helping with childcare costs by costs with contributions. As the labor pool becomes smaller, employers are becoming more creative with benefits including help with childcare. If you have valuable employees who are juggling raising a family with work, this is a smart move for your business.

When onsite childcare and contributions are just not going to happen with your company, remember to remain flexible when the unexpected comes up. When a child becomes sick, transportation is lost, and other inevitable but unplanned mishaps happen, show your employees that you value them by remaining open to work with them during these times.


When you find top talent, keep them for years to come by providing an environment that supports work-life balance. By being open to working with your employees as needs arise, you will create loyal and productive employees. At Charles Foster, we understand your need for top talent and keeping great employees on board. We are here to help you find the right one and offer the expertise to help you keep them!