When interviewing a candidate there are many things to consider and look for when you are interviewing them. Just as your potential candidate is looking for certain qualities in you and the company, you should also do the same. Here is a list of some things to look for in a candidate while you’re interviewing them. 

Interview for potential job opportunity and position

Body Language 

The first impression your candidate will make in their interview is their appearance and how they present themselves. The candidate should look presentable and professional as well as act presentable and professional. They should present a relaxed and alert demeanor. Maintain eye contact and a friendly smile while using hand gestures when appropriate. Maintaining eye contact, smiling, and other nonverbal cues demonstrate their interest in the role. Keep in mind that candidates often get nervous, and this is completely normal. Help the candidate feel comfortable. 


The next thing to look for in a candidate during the interview is getting a sense of their personality. There are many personality traits and qualities to look for such as likeability, confidence, passion and excitement about the role, motivation, and skills


When looking into a candidate you most likely want to find someone who has a likeability to them. Most companies are looking for someone who will get along with co-workers and clients/customers. Look for a candidate who is thoughtful about their answers to your questions and the questions they ask you. Ask for examples of a time or two they have shown dependability and integrity. Hiring a reliable and trustworthy employee is the goal of every interviewer. Perhaps ask the candidate to describe their work ethic as well. The next thing to look for is creativity. Most organizations what to find a “think outside the box” candidate. Look for a candidate who can apply their skills to a variety of different solutions and solve unexpected problems with confidence and empowerment.    


During an interview nerves are common but despite a nervous candidate, an interviewer should be able to sense confidence. Determine if the candidate will be able to apply their knowledge and skills to the position they are interviewing for. There are questions you can ask during the interview that will help you determine this quality: What motivates the candidate, what frustrates the candidate, how will they contribute to the company, and what plans do they have to continue to learn and grow in their career? A confident and intelligent candidate will have questions prepared throughout or after the interview. Take note of the questions they ask as the interview goes on or asks at the end. Another quality to look out for is someone with self-direction and self-awareness. Look for someone who has a drive and a plan for their career. Perhaps ask them where they see themselves in 3 to 5 years. Someone who is self-aware will not only be able to talk about their skills and what they are good at but also what they need to improve on.   

Passion and Excitement

Look for someone passionate about their career and excited about the opportunity to work for the company. Candidate with passion and excitement will share their enthusiasm about their skills and talents and communicate their professional dreams and ambitions. Find someone who has the willingness to be a team player and an effective employee. 


Someone who is prepared for their interview should have an understanding of the company and the role they are interviewing for. Ensure they have a basic understanding of the role they applied for. For any aspects of the role they don’t understand, they should have prepared questions. They should have examples prepared or their skillset that align with the skills and qualifications mentioned in the job description. 

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