Career change is common and has become even more common since the pandemic. The pandemic ignited this mass re-appraisal of work causing employees to ask themselves if they could successfully change careers. If they could change careers, what skills do they have to do so? Transferable skills are important when considering what career to change to. 

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What are Transferable Skills? 

Transferable skills are skills that can be taken from one job to another. Many skills are transferable such as, communicating well with others, solving problems, or working well with others. 

The difference between Technical Skills and Transferable Skills 

Technical skills are skills specific to the job you are doing, like coding for example. Transferable skills are skills that enable you to do your job well. They are skills that employers look for and technical skills are easier to train/teach. 

Specific Skills That Are Transferable

There are many examples of skills that are transferable, specifically ones that employers look for. Use these examples to determine your transferable skills. 

Critical Thinking 

Critical thinking is an important skill in the current 21st-century workplace. Critical thinking is the ability to evaluate, synthesize, and analyze information in an objective manner to produce original insight/judgment. 


Problem-solving is an important skill in the workplace because employers want employees to have some form of independence. Problem-solving is the ability to find solutions to complex/difficult problems. A problem solver is someone who can identify the reasons a problem exists and create a plan to solve the problem and execute it.


Companies are changing constantly to keep up with the times and/or to become more efficient. Therefore, adaptability is an important skill to have. Adaptability is the skill to quickly adjust to new situations. 

Team Player 

Collaboration is important in the workplace. Teamwork is the ability to work well with others and put the good of the team and project over personal interest, to an extent of course. A team player is someone who can support teammates, is motivational, and can give/receive feedback. 

Attention to Detail 

Attention to detail is a skill employers look for when hiring an employee. It is a skill that is often tested during the interview process. Attention to detail is the ability to pay close attention to the finer details of the project or task. 

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