So, you landed a temporary job.  Now you have an empty desk to use that is just asking to be covered with matching office supplies or pictures of your four legged, or two legged, child.  The only problem is, you’ll be moving on to something else in a month with a whole box of decorations to take with you.  Didn’t you just finish packing up holiday decorations?

You’re now facing the dilemma to decorate or not to decorate.  If you do decorate, what and how much is appropriate?  Maybe a plant or a cute calendar?  One solution is to look around you.  A good indication of what may be appropriate is what other employees have on their desks. Or especially your boss.  If most of your coworkers have a simple bouquet of flowers or a coffee mug you should probably follow suit.  In regards to food, a granola bar is fine, however, you may want to stay away from a plate of last night’s spaghetti beside your keyboard. 

A little personalization to your desk is never a bad thing just be aware of your company’s culture.  And you never know, maybe that temporary gig will turn permanent and then the possibilities are endless!  @CharlesFosterCo