As we approach springtime, it is just beautiful outside. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and it is perfect weather to be outside soaking up the sun. You start to find yourself and your employees getting spring fever. It is hard to focus on work when all you can think about is laying on the beach, cooking out on the grill, and breathing in that sweet spring air! Take these few helpful tips to your job and keep employees rocking and rolling in the office while the sun shines outside.

Rx for Spring Fever

1. Take a Break Outside

At least once a week, plan some time to take a walk outside in the sun for a bit. The fresh air will clear your mind and makes you feel refreshed while the exercise keeps your blood flowing. This will motivate you and increase your productivity when you get back to your desk.

Take your lunch and eat outside, or at least near a window. Get away from your desk and your computer, enjoy your lunch, and take in the environment. If you can at least get some warmth from the sun on you, you will be happier and more productive for the remainder of the workday.

2. Let the Light Shine

Open the blinds and curtains in the office to let some natural light in. The sunshine brightens the room, perks up employees, and increases work efficiency.

3. Bring a Live Plant to Work

Grab some live plants or flowers to bring the outside in! According to Natura, there are a variety of benefits to having a plant in the office. The color green decreases stress and improves relaxation, the plants absorb sound and improve air quality, as well as add a certain aesthetic appeal that will impress clients that enter your office. Just be sure to double check with your co-workers and make sure no one has any allergies that will be affected by your plant before you bring one in.

4. Implement Flexible Work Schedules

If company policies and appointments allow for it, encourage your employees to start their day earlier. They can beat rush hour traffic in the morning and either take a longer lunch break in the middle of the day to refresh and recoup, or head home earlier in the day to enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Charles Foster’s Promise

Charles Foster is committed to finding great employees for your company that will power through the effects of spring fever and be productive during every season. We work with your requests and job descriptions to find talented candidates. If you are looking to hire for your busy season or looking for temporary help through the summer, feel free to contact us.