So, you walked across the big stage while your friends and family cheered and then threw your cap in the air. Now what?

You’ve spent the last four years with your head in books and trying not to drink 20 cups of coffee a day. Someone along the way may have told you once you get that degree, finding your dream job will be easy. Well, you will soon find out that is not always the case.

Writing a resume, interviewing, and hoping you’ll get noticed out of a sea of applicants is part of the job search for everyone. But what if you have little to no work history? And of course, how can you get experience if no one will give you an opportunity? That’s where a staffing and recruiting company comes into play.

Many professional companies that utilize staffing companies are open to training recent grads that have shown dedication and success in a college environment. Entry level positions can offer that “foot in the door” that you so eagerly want and need. Contract or temporary assignments are great opportunities for less experienced candidates to find out what exactly it is they want to do while building their resume in the process. They are also excellent for networking and connecting with professionals and hiring managers, which could help to land a more permanent gig down the road.

Moral of the story: Even if that contract assignment isn’t your dream job, or doesn’t pay exactly what you want long term, remember the big picture and seek out opportunities that may benefit you in the long run!