It’s May. The first named storm of the season is off the coast, the days are getting warmer, and the summer is well on its way. But this isn’t a normal summer for most of us. The continued stress of the pandemic, along with the economic hardship it has visited upon many of us, make this summer very different. Storm season arrived early for us, and it continues. Maintaining motivation during the summer is difficult under normal conditions, but maintaining motivation in the storm we are currently weathering can be tougher.

How do you do it?

Stay Focused

You do what you do for a reason. A lot of businesses and people spend time working on identifying their why, their mission, and their deeper purpose. Unfortunately, we often take the time to write them down only to forget them as the world moves forward and our businesses get rolling. It’s at times like these that we need to remember our purpose and focus on it. Focusing on your purpose, on why you do what you do, will provide you with motivation, resilience, and a guiding light in difficult times.


We often hear the wisdom that organizations need to adapt or fail. Adaptation is vital in the world because changes are often unexpected and sudden. It’s easy under these more difficult circumstances to fold and accept failure, pinning it on the circumstances surrounding your troubles. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Adversity can drive us to innovate and better serve our customers/clients. It can create stronger culture and drive new processes to make us more efficient and productive. In the face of the storm don’t be afraid to adapt.

(H2) Remember…This Too Shall Pass

In the end, the world will always move forward and these times will pass. Hope is the greatest motivator in history. More than money, status, or fame, hope helps us look forward to the future. As you navigate these transitioning times, remember that the hardships will pass and a new day will dawn. It will keep you focused on the positive, not drowning in despair.

How Charles Foster Can Help YOU

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