Your habits can often be the key to success or failure in your endeavors. Good habits drive us forward, make us more productive, and equip us on our journeys through life. Likewise, bad habits can drag us down, hurt our health and productivity, leaving us lacking and stressed as we travel down our chosen path. But how do you form good habits? Some people seem so successful at getting in the habit, while others often struggle. Here are some tips to help you cultivate great habits and all of the benefits associated with them.

1. Start Small

The problem with trying to make any change is that we often aim for some grander vision than what we are practically capable of doing right now. The solution is really simple. Start your habits small with things you can do and let them build the change in you through repetition. Instead of making radical diet shifts, commit to adding one leafy green per day to your diet. Instead of aiming for 52 books in a year, start by giving yourself 10 minutes a day to read. You’ll find these easier to accomplish and a great way to build momentum for that bigger change of your dreams.

2. Have the End in Mind

It’s fine to say you want to form a habit of going to the gym more, but what is the end goal you’re aiming for? If it’s just showing up, then you’ll find it hard to stick to it or to make any sizeable change. If it’s weight loss, being able to run more, or gaining strength then you have something you can measure. Measurement lets you know it’s working, that you’re making a difference, and that will keep you motivated to press on.

3. Celebrate the Little Wins

Getting to the overall end goal will take time. It might even take a lot of time. That can be really soul-crushing, especially if your progress is smaller than you’d like. Great things take time though, so you need to find a way to find balance. One of the best ways to achieve this is to celebrate the little wins. Celebrate the book you read, a week of great eating or gym attendance with something that will feel rewarding and meaningful. These little celebrations will keep you motivated and focused.

4. Have a Team

Doing something alone is harder than having the support of a great team. Find other people who are trying to establish similar habits. Hold each other accountable and call on each other for support. Your habits are far more likely to succeed when you have support. Plus change is more fun when it’s done with friends.

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