Finding the Right One: Are you an Informed Candidate?

I’d like to say we all are, but are we? An Informed Candidate is as fully aware as possible of the company and the position they are interviewing for. This person has taken the time to obtain a basic overview of the company from reviewing their website to searching for public news and events.  Once these insights are gained, it becomes natural to envision yourself in the office, working with the team and contributing to the big picture.  By making this a pre-requisite in the application process, you have created a positive energy that will convey in writing cover letters, tailoring resumes and interviewing with employers.

If candidates or employers are partnering with a reputable recruiting agency, this advantage is only magnified.  A recruiter conducts site visits with their client companies and has met with the hiring manager.  These meetings result in a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of the position requirements, team dynamic and company culture. The unique advantage in this situation is the personal touch the agency creates between employers and candidates, providing a streamlined and qualified placement.

Are you the right one? Taking the extra effort to present yourself as an Informed Candidate is an advantage and a positive way to differentiate yourself from the crowd.  Employers thoroughly understand the difference that an informed candidate makes and how they can simplify the hiring process. Typically, they transition into the role quicker, and exhibit a higher productivity rate.

Informed Candidate = The Right One