COVID-19 has led to a very different world at a very rapid pace. Suddenly businesses are having to learn new ways to operate. Parents are now homeschool teachers. Entrepreneurs are finding new limits they didn’t know they had. The business world is changing across the board, and perhaps one of the greatest new dilemmas is how a business owner goes about facing the staffing challenge.

What is the Staffing Challenge

What we’re referring to as the “Staffing Challenge,” is actually a number of different factors impacting business owners. For some business owners, reduced operations have led to a decreased ability to maintain the staff they had. But for others, the problem is actually the opposite. They aren’t dealing with reduced business, but in fact, are dealing with an unprecedented strain on their productivity.

Parents now have children at home from schools of all levels. Your children away at college have returned home, your little ones are no longer away for a large chunk of the day, and even some office spaces have now shut down. So you are now facing the problem of getting everything done that you need to, but also having more tasks on that list.

You’re only one person, so how do you deal with it?

Dealing with the Staffing Challenge

Depending on the shape this challenge is taking for your business, you will take different actions. If you have reduced operations, you may be letting go of staff. It’s a hard decision, but more clear than others.

What do you do if you have plenty to do, but are running out of time?

First, ask yourself if you can really do this all on your own. Be brutally honest because your business’ success depends on it. You may find you need a new staff member, but hiring is scary right now. Maybe we won’t need them shortly. Or maybe they will be someone we will want to add long-term. What’s the solution? That’s for you to decide. Maybe hiring a temporary employee is your answer. These short-term workers can help you deal with a productivity problem and ride out a rough time without a long-term commitment. On the other hand, maybe you need a long-term hire and this situation is just the proof.

Whatever the answer is, remember dealing with this problem should be specific to you and based on an honest assessment of what you need.

You’re Not Alone

Charles Foster has been offering staffing solutions to business owners for years. As the world undergoes a period of intense change, we want you to know that we’re here for you. If you need to find skilled temporary employees to help you ride through the crisis and keep things running smoothly, our team is here to help you. Contact us today and remember, you’re not alone.