It’s cold outside, the weather isn’t wonderful, skies are often gray and our moods seem to follow suit. The winter blues are something we all struggle with in one form or another. Whether it’s stress from the holidays, loneliness, pressure at work, or a lull in activity, there are so many things that can make the winter blues worse. But how do you go about beating the winter blues? We wanted to share a few ideas to help you through.

While the winter blues may be related to something simple, it can also be something much more serious dealing with your mental health. Please, if you are having feelings of serious depression, seek out help with resources like this one

Get Up and Move It!

Getting exercise to feel better probably feels like standard advice by now. It’s because the exercise works. Getting your body moving will help clear your mind and improve your mood. So bundle up for a walk, hit the gym, find an indoor pool, take a dance class, or any other type of exercise to help you get moving and feeling better.

Eat Something Green (Not Another Cookie)

A healthy diet can fix a lot of problems. Remember to pay attention to your vegetables here especially. Try adding one green thing per meal, such as broccoli. It’s a simple trick that won’t take much effort but will have an incredible impact.

Watch Those Movies (or Read Those Books)

Let’s be honest, we get so busy throughout the year that we often find ourselves with a list of books and movies we’ll “get to eventually.” Well, there’s no time like the present. If the weather outside is bad, grab that book or movie and start making some progress on it. Cozy up with a warm beverage and get comfortable.

Head to Someplace Warmer

If you live someplace where it’s always cold and gray, then maybe it’s time to head for warmer climates for a little vacation. Taking a little time away can help recharge your batteries and shift your mindset, getting you ready to get out there and do your best with a new set of eyes!

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