Real talk here… Thanks to technology, we all know that it’s never been easier to apply for a job. In today’s social savvy world, it’s as simple as a few clicks and your resume is on its way.  Employers literally receive thousands of online applications on a regular basis and put systems in place to skim resumes and decide which ones get pushed through. Imagine all your hard work getting axed based on the HR system’s criteria?! That’s pretty harsh, so how can you beat the bot and help your resume stand apart and pass the technology checkpoint?

Here’s a fun, eye-opening, fact to keep in mind when applying. According to stats, your resume has 6 seconds to make an impression. No pressure there…right? Recruiters spend those first few seconds skimming for dates, titles, and relevant keywords to decide if you make it through to the next round. Worse, simple design and formatting blunders can be the factors that send your resume into the trash! For starters, formatting is what sets the overall visual vibe for your resume. To recruiters, your formatting can also be an inside peek at the way you organize your thoughts and ideas. Why not shift the perspective a little and start thinking of your resume as your “brand”?

[heading type=1]Resume Tips 101:[/heading]

• Easy Reading: Avoid “script” fonts, they can be distracting and harder to read. Fonts such as Arial, Tahoma, or Century Gothic keep the reading smooth and easy

• Be Bold: Or italicized, or CAPITALIZED, or underlined but make sure your Name and heading standout

• Our Objection to the Objective: This is prime real estate and most often candidates are underutilizing this paragraph and are not effectively selling their brand. Keep it straight, job-specific and when you are done proofreading, it should scream that YOU ROCK!

• Profread: Oops! Proofread!

• 1 Page Vs. 2: You may have heard to keep it all on one page, but this isn’t necessarily true! If you are more experienced, you will need to share much more than a fresh-faced graduate

• White Space is your friend, so let your words breathe: A resume that is easy to read, with balanced white space, makes a statement and gives off a visual vibe – all in those first 6 seconds. Consider the appearance of your resume is as important as your presentation at an interview

• How you save matters: While Word is acceptable, Adobe PDF is free to use, universally accepted and eliminates any complications in opening your file and there is a bonus – PDF locks all your words and formatting, keeping them secure and happy!

[heading type=1]And that is how your resume nails the 6-second review![/heading]